Castle Rock Consultancy specialises in delivering business turnaround and transformational change bringing growth in your market position and to your bottom line.

We are here to help you grow your business by helping you:

  • develop and execute your strategy (corporate, sales, marketing or IT)
  • deliver product innovation,
  • break in to new markets,
  • improve efficiency and
  • manage change.

In most businesses there are times when you need to refresh, to re-energise or remove barriers to growth. There may be other times when you need a fresh outlook, new ideas or an extra push to break through to new customers and markets.

Castle Rock is here to help you through these times, widening your network of support, bringing fresh ideas and taking decisive action. We have a range of services to develop and grow your business, deliver a project to plan or dramatically improve operational performance and efficiency.

We have a network of professional directors, product specialists and programme managers that can be assigned to use their skills, experience and knowledge to meet your business needs.

We operate primarily in the Financial Services, IT and public sectors but our strategy, business development, operations and project management skills can be applied to any business problem in any sector.