Getting things Done

Are you able to make things happen in your organisation easily and without fuss? Is internal change embraced and welcomed? …Always? When you have something to deliver for a customer or to build for your business do you find it easy to plan and execute? Do you deliver change on time to budget? …Always? Can you spare the resource to manage change within your organisation? Do you have a clear project delivery process and culture? Or do you mange by re-assigning or adding to someone‚Äôs already busy schedule and hope that will be enough?

At Castle Rock Consultancy we have a wealth of experience in managing change, managing projects or put simply, getting things done and making things happen. We can introduce a formal project management structure for you (many of us are trained in PRINCE 2 methodology) or we can ensure a discreet piece of work is properly planned, resourced and budgeted so that you can get on with delivering your business secure in the knowledge that the changes being introduced will be smoothly executed with minimum disruption.