Growing Your Business


Are you happy with your corporate strategy? Does it inspire? Is it convincing? Is it supported by a robust and proven business plan? Will it deliver growth? Does it stand up well against your competition? And in the market? Or does it need a re-fresh?

Castle Rock Consultancy can bring a new, innovative and informed perspective to your strategy that addresses these questions, plays to your strengths and has ambition. With our support you can deliver a strategy that the whole company can get behind and will take your business forward.

Business Development

Is your pipeline strong? Are your customers delighted with you? Does your business have a wide and growing customer base? Is your marketing bringing you new business? Are you recognised as a lead player in your field? Or is business just a bit flat? (or “steady” as some like to call it!).

Castle Rock Consultancy can help you improve your customer focus, build and execute your sales strategy, develop and grow your pipeline and get the best from your marketing budget so that you are recognised as a prime player and new business flows towards you.

Product Development and Innovation

Are you making the most of your assets, capabilities and market share? Do your products or services still hit the sweet spot in your market? Are you tracking well against market trends? Or could you do more to gain competitive advantage?

Castle Rock Consultancy can bring you a wealth of experience in product development and innovation that will help you stay ahead of the competition, continue to meet your customer needs and maximise your commercial potential.


Do you have a wide and trusted network of partners? Are you all pulling in the same direction? Do they bring profit or real value to your business? Do they draw in new business for you? Do they deliver to the partnership agreement you have? (assuming you have one?). Or are you trying to do everything yourself?

Castle Rock Consultancy can evaluate your partnerships and strengthen them. We can introduce you to new partners and help you grow and succeed by ensuring you have clear objectives and share mutual goals.