Improving Performance

Process review and improvement

When did you last review your operational processes? How confident are you that they are efficient, robust and fit for purpose? Are you able to measure their effectiveness? Do you know how much it costs you to run your business? Do you know where you can make savings and improve your margins? Or have your processes evolved through time as your business has developed?

We can help you analyse your ways of working, identify gaps and inefficiencies, redesign or revise. We can introduce measures and controls to ensure you work to your best and manage your costs with Key Performance Indicators to help to keep it that way.

Organisational design

When did you last review your organisational design? How confident are you that it is efficient, robust and fit for purpose? Are you able to measure its effectiveness? Is your team organised to its best potential? Are roles, responsibilities and deliverables clearly understood? Are there too many hand-off points? Or are there frequent breakdowns in communication and does work sometimes fall down gaps?

We can help you examine your current structure and identify ways in which it can be revised to improve communication, reduce hand-offs, maximise the potential in your team and deliver an efficient model that will help to grow your bottom line.

Culture change

Do you have the right culture in your organisation that matches your strategic ambition, blends well with your market and is supportive of your vision? Would your customers recognise you as attentive and responsive? Are you an organisation they enjoy doing business with? Are your teams culturally aligned and mutually supportive? Do they recognise that they are all part of one unified team and behave that way? Or has the culture evolved over a period of years without a great deal of attention to it?

Defining your culture, how you want to behave, how you want to be perceived and how you want to treat and be treated can bring enormous benefits to the commercial health and wealth of a business. We can help you define your culture and move it from where it is to where you want it to be. We can also help you develop a more customer centric ethos across the organisation with tangible and positive results to your business.